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Hi there,
I have installed the Avant search plugin and when I put in a search term it brings up all of the items rather than just those with the required term. It works ok in the modify search part but I’m wondering how to make it work from the first search box? Wonder if anyone can help. Sorry if I am missing something really obvious. The website is www.huarchive.co

It looks like there’s a conflict between the custom theme you are using, or with another plugin you have installed. AvantSearch inserts some jQuery into the footer that dynamically replaces the Omeka simple search box with the one for AvantSearch. Something in your installation is also modifying the footer to insert your contact info and social media icons. For some reason, the AvantSearch jQuery is not getting emitted and so the page is displaying the Omeka search box instead of the AvantSearch box.

You could verify this theory by temporarily switching to one of the basic Omeka themes like Seasons and testing the search. Or if a plugin is modifying the footer, you could temporarily deactivate that plugin. I suggest trying one thing, then the other, but not both at the same time, so you can isolate the problem.

AvantSearch modifies the footer by calling hookPublicFooter in AvantSearchPlugin.php like this:

public function hookPublicFooter($args)

To solve this, we need to figure out what the conflict is and work around it so that the code above gets executed. If you can determine what is causing the conflict – theme or plugin – and if I can see the offending code, I can try to come up with a solution.

Hi there,
Thanks for your help! I tested it with a few other themes and it worked so it seems to be the Customeka theme that is the problem. It was myself that put the social media icons in the footer though I took these out and it still didn’t work. I’m not really a code person so I may have done something wrong. Hope that helps. Thanks again for all your help.

Greg, would you like me to try installing the Customeka theme here and see if I have the same problem? I see it on GitHub, but if you can zip and send me your version (with the changes you made) I’ll know I’m using exactly what you have, and maybe there’s a simple fix. You can email to me directly via gsoules@avantlogic.com. George

The problem was occurring because the following line had been accidentally removed from footer.php :

<?php fire_plugin_hook('public_footer', array('view' => $this)); ?>

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