Automatically creating tags from subjects (or other fields)

We’re using OAI-PMH harvester to pull in collections from another repository which works well enough, but one thing that we haven’t figured out is how to automatically assign tags to certain Dublin Core fields as the resources come in. In reality, it would be nice from a maintenance point of view to just have the tags automatically created from fields in regular Omeka records.

Is there a slick way to do this, or is the only option to write a script that builds the omeka_tags and omeka_records_tags tables? Thanks,


This isn’t exactly an answer, but I have a site composed entirely of OAI-PMH harvested records, in which the tags from the source repo were mapped to DC:Subject. Since I had no control over the source repo and didn’t have the time or inclination to spend a lot of time writing an Omeka batch edit script/plugin (this was a fairly small project), I just decided to treat Subjects like Tags on the front end. A combination of the Subject Browse and Search By Metadata plugins, as well as some design tweaks, did the job relatively well. Not sure if that’s a good option for your project, but figured I’d share.

FWIW, we’ve created a basic plugin that automatically creates a tag for each DC.Subject line on Item saving :

Thanks! We’ve also just created a new category here, Community Contributions, meant for publicizing code that you want to share, if you want to post there, too.

Yes, noticed it a few minutes after posting this :grin:.

We have a bunch of plugins out there, but I’m not the person in charge to decide how we want to advertise them.

I did ask the one who is though, so maybe we’ll soon post something there soon.