Automatic Generated Links

Hi all…we have this omeka site that was previously configures as a secure site (‘https’) for whatever reasons, then the owner request a custom url (, this site is configured as regular site (‘http’) for public view, ONLY the admin site is configures to be secured (‘https’).

The problem is, now all the automatically generated links for public site all ‘https’
(, I’m really puzzled where is this ‘https’ coming from?
We did migrate the database from the old one, but nothing is stored in the database that indicate the link, which is not suppose to. I believe there is nothing in omeka’s codes that govern that behaviour, I think is something on the server settings, but I don’t know where to look for.
Any helps is appreciated, I have spend a half day to look for it ;(

Thanks guys :wink:

I don’t see any https links on the page you mention. Which links are you talking about?

Thanks John…it’s fixed.