Automatic creation of URL in identifier?

I wonder if there is any way to create or batch import URL for each item into the identifier property as URI? I would like to use two identifiers, one being a permanent URL for the item (for portal sites like DPLA) and the other being a local filename. I’m talking about the URL, which only gets generated after you create an item (with a resource ID). We could copy and paste URL going back and forth between the Site and the back-end, but that’s tedious. Is there any way to identify permalink URL before or while creating an item and automatically generate that in the identifier property as URI?

You want to store the URL for the item as metadata on the item?

None of the importers or batch creators do anything like that, though it would be possible (requiring a second pass to get the newly-minted IDs for all the new items).

It seems like this is something that’s better done by dynamically including the URL in the appropriate output, like the API or the web interface. We don’t put it in the API by default… part of the issue is that, in Omeka S, there’s not necessarily a single canonical public URL for an item.