Auto-Generating Video Thumbnails

We have been unable to auto-generate video thumbnails. Our convert file is in /usr/bin. We have that path in the “ImageMagick Directory Path” in settings. We kept default entries in config.ini file.

Has anyone successfully auto-generated thumbnails for videos using the default ImageMagick package?

Is there a setting or step I’m missing to make this work?


My first guess is that this might result from an older version of ImageMagick. Older versions might not be able to process some file types.

Also in play is the video format itself, and whether ImageMagick knows how to deal with it.

If you can post an example file online someplace for us to grab it and try to attach it to an item, that’ll help track down which of those possibilities it is (if either).

If you could post up the version of ImageMagick here, that’ll also help diagnose.