Audio link to part of a recording

I am trying to link an item which holds the description of a time period of a recording that is the media part of another item. The items are linked by ‘Is Part of’/‘Has Part’ and I would like the link to start the player at the beginning of the period and stop at the end, but without losing the possibiilty to access (some other part of) the full recording in the same player window.

In a web browser you can easily do that with an URI like ‘http://path/to/file.mp3#t=00:00:40,00:01:01’, but I can’t figure out how to do it in Omeka-s.

What I want to accomplish is something like (a much less elaborated version of) e.g.

  1. Can I somehow use the external URI to the full recording (in Omeka) in a link w/o getting another uploading of the recording again?

  2. Is there a better way?

You can get at the URL to the file itself through Omeka S. This is what’s linked as “original” on the admin side when you’re viewing the Media page (I assume this is what you’re talking about).

You can probably also do this with Javascript on the public show page for the item/media also: look for a particular GET parameter or value in the fragment/hash and move the playback of the audio to the specified point in the file.


  1. The URL solution worked fine. I haven’t yet fully explored the batch CSV import, but I am thinking about the work flow for batch importing that solution. I suppose I have to do a separate import of the recordings, then in some way export the mapping from Omeka-URL to original file name to be able to import the link to the desired file location? Any idea?

  2. It seems like the JS way may be a better one. But sadly I’m not a very prominent JS programmer, so I even don’t understand where to start looking for your suggested tweak.

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