Appearance-->Navigation in Thanks, Roy Theme

I need to change some information I have typed in two of my different links pages; however, unlike the Configure Theme where the Footer Textbox and Homepage Textbox are given for us to input data, I cannot figure out how to edit the different Navigation links pages.

Also, when the first two navigation links are clicked, About the Archives and A Brief History, a Home link automatically appears, i.e. Home–>[Name of Navigation Link]; however, for the other remaining navigation links, no Home link appears, which means users have to navigate to the homepage using their browser’s back button. I would like for the Home link to appear on all my navigation links. What do I need to do to make this happen?

Thank you,

Okay, I figured out that to edit the Navigation context is under the Simple Pages link.

I still do not know how to create the Home page link, and it seems that those pages would have to have been created under the Simple Pages to have the Home page link automatically generated, but the remaining links are Browse Collections, Browse Items, Map, Contact Us, Contribute an Item, all pages generated by the theme.

You can manage the navigation of your website in the Navigation tab under the Appearance tab in the top nav of the admin side (help documentation here). There’s also a dropdown menu where you can select the Home page for your site.

While navigation breadcrumbs might not appear on the page, clicking on the header image/title of your site will always take site visitors back to the home page.