API REST Omeka S for private resources

Hi, some developers and me are working on a project using Omeka-S with API Rest, but in Omeka configuration only can get data when resources (items, etc) are marked as public and we need consume data marked as private, that’s possible? Or maybe add key and token to the GET request from Omeka to limit certain users to see some data?


Yes, you can create an api key. Go to admin > user > tab Api keys. The client will have the rights of this user : /api?key_identity=VBzRKhwLSy06IxCjLhyEsTYzWYX0pKBR&key_credential=FbNymgpnlCzIE6QskQ1OdKaQTV3Iyv5k.

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I get it.

However, as the elements (for example) are marked as public, they can be seen by “anonymous” users, the intention is to mark them as private and be able to consume them with the API

Daniel’s saying you can make a key and access the API as a particular user, thereby letting you use private items. You don’t have to mark them public.

I’ve tried it and it worked. Thank you!