Any idea why the text widget isn't available on my Neatline exhibit even though it's installed on our school Omeka/Neatline instance?

Our IT folks say that everything looks right from a configuration standpoint, that we’re running Neatline Text 1.1.0. We double-checked the install instructions for Neatline Text, and everything looks right. For ANY exhibits in our Neatline/Omeka instance, however, if we set up the text widget (we want to use the Simile Timeline and Text), we only have Simile Timeline and Waypoints available to us when we set up a record and set which widget it is in the style section (only Timeline and Waypoints show up). Any suggestions?

Hi @scurci, do you have a link to your site?

NeatlineText may actually be there and working. It doesn’t behave like Timeline and Waypoints, in that you don’t add records to the widget through the style section. Instead you use the Exhibit narrative and write a bit of HTML that links chunks of text to specific records. Has that been working?

Thanks for responding! Not sure if this link works–it’s still in early stages. When you say I use the Exhibit narrative, you mean the original one where I set up the exhibit in the first place? Oh…I get it now. I thought I had to create it as a separate record on its own. Got it! Thanks.

Hi @scurci, your link doesn’t work at the moment - I’m guessing the exhibit is not yet public. But yes, I did mean the narrative that you set in the Exhibit Settings. It seems like maybe you’ve got it figured out, but if you have any more questions I’m happy to help.