Any Cloud Module Question

Hello - my question is regarding the workflow of the Any Cloud module.

I am aware that once configured, I can upload media to Omeka S and it will automatically save to the cloud storage service, in my case, it will be Dropbox.

Is it also possible to upload files to the cloud storage service configured in the module and those files will also be accessible in Omeka S?

Hope my question is clear. I’ll be happy to clarify if needed.

Thanks so much for your help in advance.

I am the developer of the AnyCloud module so hopefully I can answer your question.

The module is designed as a drop-in replacement for storing the things you want in Omeka-S. Meaning, instead of saving, say an image, to the local server’s hard drive, it saves it to the cloud service of your choice.

Otherwise it treats the image just like one would be if it were saved to the local server. Meaning both the front and back ends will display the image and let you manipulate and show it just like the out-of-the-box storage module does.

If you want to save to both the local server and a cloud service, I would suggest saving everything to your local server and find a way to back up the images to the cloud. The module can’t save to both places.

Does that help?

Hi Jared - thanks so much for that insight.

I think only saving to our cloud storage (dropbox) would be the easiest and best option for us.

In terms of the workflow, could I sign into my dropbox account that’s connected to Any Cloud and add images through the dropbox interface and make those images available to Omeka S?

Thanks again.

No, you must use Omeka S to load items to Dropbox. Please review the documentation for the plugin if needed. It cannot read Dropbox items from all folders and only uses the folders it sets up when you load through Omeka S.

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