Altering the UI of the contribution page

I am new to Omeka and trying to set up a contribution page with custom formatting, i.e. moving the description of the fields different places, changing the position of the fields on the page, etc. I have had very limited success finding any way to do this on the contribution page. Is there a way customize this page? If not, are there any other workarounds?

Thank you!

The Collecting module lets you do some of this, like changing the order of the fields and so on, itself.

If you want to do other things, it really would depend on specifically what you want to do: you may be able to do it by editing the view (by copying it to your theme and editing it there) or using CSS.

Thanks for your help! As far as I can tell, the CSS stylesheet doesn’t reach the contribution page and I’m not sure how to access html to edit that page as well.

Do you have a resource for how to copy the view to a theme and edit it there?

Thanks again!

Simply copy the files of the directories asset/ or view/ of the module inside your theme, respecting the same location, and files of your theme will override the ones of the modules or the core.

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