Altering CSS to place SIMILE Timeline in middle of Neatline exhibit

Hi there,

So, I am playing around with the CSS code to a neatline exhibit I have created in a sandbox for experimentation ( ) and drawing on the excellent information from a much earlier post ( ), I have been able to alter the placement and dimensions of the SIMILE Timeline, except I am confounded by two things:

  1. subsequent alterations to the code do not yield refreshed results (I have cleared caches and used different browsers to no avail)

  2. and I seem only able to place the timeline on the bottom or top. I actually am trying to place the timeline roughly in the middle of the exhibit, and my attempts to nudge it (such us top: 20%; or top: 5em; or top: 250px;) yield no change in the appearance (which may be because the CSS stylesheet seems not to process any changes beyond the initial change).

Any thoughts or insight into what I am doing wrong (or not doing) would be greatly appreciated!


I should add that the CSS I altered initially is that of the theme style, which in this case is that of the default theme.

So, I figured it out. It seems that I just needed to comment out the code in the style.css, and then re-activate it. So, that’s solved. Now, onto custom font use within SIMILE Neatline (and reaching for another Tylenol…)

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