Alt Text not displaying in Pages

We’ve installed the Alt Text module, but are finding that the text displays inconsistently in Pages that use either the Media or Item Showcase blocks. The inconsistency appears to relate to specific records, as the display is consistent across both the Media or Item Showcase blocks. That is, if a particular record’s Alt Text displays in Media, it also displays in Item Showcase; and if it doesn’t display in Media, it also doesn’t display in Item Showcase. And yes, the Alt Text is present in those records where it doesn’t show up in Media/Item Showcase.

Re-saving or re-editing the Page after adding/editing an Alt Text also doesn’t make a difference.

Can you tell if there’s some common factor to the ones that aren’t working? Same type of media/file, all using custom thumbnails, possibly something about the text itself, things like that?

Thanks, @jflatnes, have had no luck in identifying any common factor for those items that aren’t working. I’ve set up a new page, just in case that was where the problem was; but no go.

There is good news, though - the problem appears to be restricted to DEV only, as I was able to successfully recreate the page in PROD, and all worked well.