Alt text for default.png image?

We are using the wonderful Alt Text module to add alt text for uploaded media. Is there a way to add alt text for the default.png image?

Is the issue that there’s just no alt text at all if the default thumbnail is being used, or are you looking to have it have its own unique text?

More the second. We are using the Alt Text module for custom alt text but the default media items are not accessible via that module. We have a default icon in our custom theme and we were curious to know it it would be possible to make a change in the custom theme to generate alt text for the default image.

Actually, both. The alt text that we supply via Alt Text is in the page code but does not present on hover.

Alt text and “hover” text aren’t the same things: usually setting alt text won’t give you text on hover, but can be checked in the code, or an accessibility inspector.