Alphabetical index A-Z

Hello, is there any plugin or a way to create alphabetical index A-Z in pages so we can browse items? I use Omeka 2.5 with Berlin theme.
Thank you!

Daniel Berthereau’s plugin Reference could work for you, I think.

Thank you Jhon. The problem is that I can´t install it. In the plugin section it says “No valid plugin”. I use Omeka 2.5.1 with Berlin theme.

You should rename the plugin folder Reference.

Yes, now it works! This plugin creates what I need.
Thank you very much John!

Hi all, I would like to use Reference plugin in a specified exhibit. Is it possible to set the plugin for showing only items metadata contained in an exhibit, instead of in the whole site? I’m using Omeka 2.5.
Thank you!

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