All Omeka users can add sites

All new users I create, including the Researcher role, are able to add sites. The Add Site button appears on the Admin Dashboard after log in. Is there a role that is not permitted to create sites? I am using Omeka 3.0.1 Thank you for your help in advance.

Lower privilege users like Researchers don’t actually have permission to add sites. If they tried, they’d simply receive an error message upon submitting the form.

The error here is that we’re not properly checking the permissions and hiding the Add Site button on the dashboard for users who don’t have permission. We’ll get that fixed.

Thanks! When I log in as a user with lower privileges, that user is able to create a site, not just see the button. The most recent user I added had permissions of Creator with the Editor role and could create a site from the Admin Dashboard.

Was this their global role? Editors are allowed to create new sites.

I was referring to the roles as listed here:
From this documentation it looks like editors can create site pages but not sites.

If editors can actually create sites, that explains what I am experiencing and corresponds with your prior comment – authors, for example, can see the add site button, but cannot actually add a site. Editors can add sites.

It would be great if the add site button could be removed for users who can’t actually add sites, as you suggest, and also if the documentation could be updated to reflect editors’ ability to add sites.

Thank you.

We’ve fixed the issue with the button in the development code, so that will be fixed in a future release.

As for the documentation, I believe it already correctly states the permissions for Editors:


  • Can search, read, and create sites…

Thank you. I see that now in the second bullet point, although I must have read that about ten times. Author was the role I was looking for.

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