Advice on crowdsourced annotated legal bibliography

I’m the co-editor of an upcoming annotated bibliography sponsored by the American Association of Law Libraries. This is the second edition of the bibliography with a continued goal to provide data to legal scholars on trends in academic legal publishing. I’ve installed Omeka on Amazon’s EC2 but I have a few questions that I’m hoping someone will be able to answer:

  1. I would love to have a controlled vocabulary for my Table of Contents field. I installed SimpleVocabPlus from UC Santa Cruz and love being able to map that Dublin Core field to a controlled vocabulary. I was discouraged, however, to see that the plugin doesn’t appear to work with the guest contribution, nor does LC Suggest. Any idea why not?

  2. This is a crowdsourced project that was using a Wordpress site ( I want to make contributions as easy as possible. I noticed in the settings for the Contribute plugin that I can’t have duplicate item types (I want to use the “text” item type twice, one for “Journal Articles” and a second for “Monographs”). Why can’t I do that?

  3. To really make this project useful for scholars I want to include citation information (citation by articles, by courts, etc.). Which Dublin Core field (if any) should I be using for that?

Here is my site:

Any suggestions you can offer are appreciated!

Thanks so much!

  1. I believe that the controlled vocab plugins (I’m thinking of Simple Vocab here, not sure about Simple Vocab Plus) basically has an internal list of pages where the filter applies. I seem to remember that it was the initial intention to specifically not have the vocab filter apply on the frontend, but I can’t remember why that might have been the case. At any rate, that should be a pretty simple thing to change within the plugin itself, or with a small additional plugin (Simple Vocab at least exposes a filter simple_vocab_routes for altering where the plugin should be active).

  2. This one could be a little trickier, as the plugin is designed to map to a particular Item Type just once. Simply creating Journal Article and Monograph Item Types might be a fine and workable solution for you, though.

  3. Do you mean something like a field that would contain a Bluebook citation, something like that? You could of course do something like this in the Bibliographic Citation Dublin Core field (available with the Dublin Core Extended plugin installed). Bibliographic Citation is a refinement on the Identifier field, so you could use that if you want to stick to the classic unqualified set. Beyond that, you could make Item Type elements to store your citations, if for example you wanted different fields for Bluebook/Bluepages/ALWD/etc.

Great! Thank you SO much!

I have another question (sorry if this is stupid).

When I create a new item type (i.e, “Journal Article” or “Monograph”) and try to assign elements why am I not seeing the full Dublin Core metadata set? It is only showing the Item Type Metadata.

Item Type Metadata is separate from Dublin Core (and any other installed Element Sets). Dublin Core is always available for all items, regardless of their type. Item Types only let you choose from among the possible set of additional Item Type Metadata elements.

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I have one more question if you don’t mind. Is there a way to change the description of a Dublin Core element? I see that you can add a comment but I’d like to change the description entirely (or not have it display at all for users submitting content).

Comments are all we provide out of the box. You could edit the description in the database, but I wouldn’t exactly recommend it.

The Contribution plugin used to let you set your own prompt/comment text for things appearing on the form, but I don’t think it does that anymore. The ElementForm filter lets you alter the pieces of those inputs, including removing them by setting them to null (in this case I believe it’s the description part you’d want to remove). You could make a small edit to Contribution itself (it already uses that filter so you could just add the "null out description’ part to Contribution’s existing filter) or do it in a plugin of your own.

Thank you again for responding. I hope I’m not taking up too much of your time.

I’m curious, why shouldn’t I edit the descriptions in the database? I can do that pretty easily with PHPMyAdmin. I took a look at the files for the Contribution plugin but I’m not sure what I would need to edit to hide the element descriptions.

Ultimately, I would like this site to look much like the “Documenting Ferguson” Omeka site: Did they create item type elements for that entire form? What would be the disadvantage of that? I hope to ultimately make this content discoverable by a discovery layer so it would be nice to use the standard Dublin Core fields but can’t I simply map those later on?

Finally, where is the “Citation” field being pulled from in an item display? I see it’s not pulling from the Citation Dublin Core field. How do I modify that?

Sorry again if I’m asking for too much help.

For this specific change you’d honestly be fine if you edited the description in the database. As a matter of general policy I usually discourage manual database editing whenever possible, though.

I think it’s likely that Documenting Ferguson used a previous version of the Contribution plugin that simply didn’t display those descriptions/comments. That was probably the current one at the time the site was launched.

Citation isn’t pulled from any one field, it’s instead a Chicago or Chicago-esque citation automatically generated from fields like Title and Creator. You could always just remove it from your theme’s show view if you don’t want that output, or you can alter it using the item_citation filter.

Edit: and on item type metadata vs. Dublin Core: if you’re looking to maintain interoperability, it’s best to use Dublin Core where you can and do it from the outset. Item Type metadata can be convenient, but it’s not very interoperable at all.

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@jflatnes My questions is loosely affiliated to @davidholt. I’ve tried to find the answer in other threads but no luck thus far.

We are hosting a crowdsourcing metadata tagging event on our Omeka site. We will have our collection items open to the public to tag (pdfs, jpegs, Youtube videos). We stared with Omeka Classic but having trouble finding a plugin that allows tagging from non admins to the collection.
Do you know of a plugin on Omeka Classic that could let people add descriptions to contents?
It appears Folksonomy for OmekaS might be a plugin with that functionality. Do you have experience with that plugin?

I’m very green to this type of technology so haven’t found my answer in playing with the Sandbox demo. Could you help me clear this up?

Thank you~