Advanced Search user name and email display

I’m wondering if there is any way to repress the user name and email from the site pool and item set options on the advanced search. Is that a setting that is adjustable for a site administrator? I’m attaching what I’m seeing on my screen when I am not logged in to the site.


There’s not currently a way to do that, at least not easily. The whole site selection can be removed from the search by a module, but we don’t really provide an option for disabling that grouping.

You’re thinking of just having the select present the sites with no “grouping” there, right? So the real name and email would not appear.

Right, I want the sites to be available but not the name and email. I think that would look much better. Also, when I’m going to have multiple people working on exhibits, I think it looks more confusing for the organizing principle to be the person who created the site as opposed to the site by itself. I can also see some issues where I have students who are owners of sites who might not want their emails published, etc.