Advanced Search Module Facets

When I select a facet and click “apply facets”, the search results update as expected. However, the facets and facet counts do not update to match the search results as I would expect.

For example. If I select an author facet “Lincoln, Abraham”, and click “apply facets”, then I will see results for items with the creator equal to “Lincoln, Abraham”. Great. Now I expect the creator facet values (along with their counts) to update and draw from the subset of displayed search results. So I expect to only see the creators who are cataloged as co-creators with “Lincoln, Abraham”. Instead I see a list of creators from the entire collection of items.

I’m wondering if I have configured the module incorrectly or if the module is not designed to work in this way.

I’m using Omeka S 3.1.2 and Advanced Search

Hi adehner,

I’ve observed the same behavior with facets as you describe. I don’t think you misconfigured something.
There is also a Gitlab issue about the same problem: With Reference module, facets are not narrowed down. (#14) · Issues · Daniel-KM / Omeka S Module Advanced Search · GitLab

I found out that this problem is specific to the combination of the AdvancedSearch module with the Reference module, whereby the facets are provided by the Reference module.
When you would use AdvancedSearch module in combination with a Solr backend (ignoring the Reference module), the facets are provided by Solr and behave more naturally; decreasing the facet values and counts as the resultset narrows down.

Best regards,
Maarten Coonen