Advanced search is more easily usable on the public website than on the admin side

I’m using Omeka S 2.1.0 to publish a website of a painter and all of his paintings.

The public website is ok, and the advanced search on the public website is also ok:

  • only used fields are displayed on the drop-down menu (Search by value dropd-down)
  • each field display its Dublin Core label and the alternate label I gave to it in the resource template

On the admin side, it is barely usable for a non expert because:

  • all the fields are displayed, even the fields that are not used at all
  • the alternate label is not displayed at all

It there a way to make the admin advanced search as easy to use as the public one?

The possibility to hide unused fields has already been discussed in this thread but there seem to be no clear conclusion (or at least no conclusion that I understand).

See Hide useless fields in advanced search

The reason we have that option for sites and not for the admin is the idea that, on a multi-site install, it’s possible/likely to have different templates, so restricting the admin-side search to the settings of just one didn’t make sense quite as much as it does for an individual site.

Still, it’s something that could be done through a global setting, or maybe more promisingly, a user-specific setting, so users could opt into the “simplified/modified” search of the template of their choice.

A global setting would be very useful, as some Omeka installation are not multi-site, and the site admin should be able to set that for the whole instance.

A user-specific setting would be another good solution: it allows Omeka to be powerful for power user, and simple for beginner (even on the admin side).

The global setting would be the default setting while the user-specific setting would be a way to override the default setting.

Thanks for this feedback. As I’ve said a few places around the forums, we’re currently making changes in the area of search, so this kind of information about issues you’re having with the current system is very helpful.

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