AdminImages plugin crashing Omeka 2.7

Hello all - new to Omeka here and this forum has been a lifesaver! I’m trying to download the AdminImages plugin on Omeka Classic 2.7 and it keeps crashing my site - I get an HTTP 500 error. If I remove that plugin, Omeka starts up again just fine. Any suggestions? Have tried downloading and deleting from the server a few times already. Many thanks!

Try enabling error display, which will replace your 500 error with some sort of error message that should explain what’s going wrong.

Did it! Then got a message that says:

Fatal error : Class ‘Omeka_plugin_AbstractPlugin’ not found in /data/www/jewishst/omeka/plugins/AdminImages/AdminImagesPlugin.php on line 15

I fixed line 15 according to another post, but now getting this message:

The issue you’re having now probably is just happening because there was a problem installing the plugin the first time, so the plugin is recorded as installed even though it’s not. If you can get to the Plugins page you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin, otherwise you’d be looking at removing its row from the omeka_plugins table in your database.

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