Admin User Access to CSV Plugin

I recently created an admin account for my intern which she has successfully activated. However, when she logged in to Omeka, I saw that she did not have access to the CSV Plugin. I thought that maybe because she was been given access at an Admin level and not at a Super level, this would affect access to particular plugins but that’s not the case (documentation for Admin users states that they should have access to all plugins that are activated & configured). Has anyone run into this issue? What did you do to resolve it?


CSV Import itself explicitly removes the default access “admin” level users would have.

You can modify CSV Import to remove that restriction, or grant the “super” role to this user.

Thanks! To modify, would that be done via coding or can this be done in settings found on my Omeka site? In the mean time, I have granted her “Super” user access but will want her to have admin access if possible.

It looks like the easy coding solution is to got into the CsvImportPlugin.php file, and delete or comment out this line does the trick

$acl->deny('admin', 'CsvImport_Index');

Hi Patrick,

Thanks so much!