Adjusting Neatline image to match the timeline (width)


We’re trying to adjust the width of the iframe (?) of our the main image on our Neatline. We’ve looked through the forum, and found support to adjust the width and height of the Neatline Simile timeline, which was great:

We’re using the Thanks, Roy theme, and added the following to the CSS editor:

#neatline.Waypoints.Simile #simile {

That worked to adjust the Simile width, but now we need to adjust the image size to match it. We’re not sure what we should pop into the CSS editor…

Any help would be great!

Hi @nikkid, do you have a public link to the exhibit that I could look at to get a better idea of what you’re asking? The easiest way to trouble shoot this will be to look directly at the page source code. Thanks.

Hi csbailey,

Thanks for getting in touch. Here’s the link to our page. We still can’t figure out how to make the main image wider and fill the screen so that the timeline bar at the bottom and the main image are the same width.


Hi @nikkid, do you mind posting the link again? It doesn’t seem to have come through in your above post. Thanks!

Hi @csbailey, here’s the link -

Any help much appreciated!


Hi @nikkid, unfortunately I’m getting a 404 error (Page Not Found) from your link. Is the exhibit set to be public or is it currently only accessible to registered users of the site?