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I am using the Reference Module to organise a tree of newspaper editions by year. In my current sites I have two different edition types and I want to create a separate tree for each edition (bottom of these two pages and However, even if I use the field “Query to limit resources” to set it to a particular item set (each edition is an item set) it seems that instruction does not get parsed into the tree creation. I am not sure if I am inputting it in right. When I click on the links of the tree I do not see my additional query being included in the url. I tried inputting the full advanced search, taking out the “?” but so far nothing gets passed.

I did use this fix in order to get it to work with dates.

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Indeed, it is not in url. I fixed in last commit that is available on gitlab, and it will be released next week.

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Thanks Daniel, can’t express how much I am appreciative of your work!

Thanks the new version fixed this!

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