Adding xml format to Reports plugin

Hi I try to add Xml format as the output in Reports plugin (2.0.2), following this instruction:

I can’t find “library” folder inside Reports plugin. So I add xml.php Reports/models/Reports/Generator/Xml.php

The interface pick it up, but I try to generate reports, it stuck on “In Progress”, it doesn’t seem to hit generateReport() inside the Xml.php. Is there anything that I missed to add?


It looks like that documentation is a little out of date. What class did you extend from to make your report generator, and what name did you give it? (In other words, what does the class, extends, implements section look like in your new Xml.php file?

The documentation refers to some outdated class names and if you used those, it would cause problems.

Thanks Joh…here is my Xml.php class:
class Reports_Generator_Xml
extends Reports_Generator
implements Reports_GeneratorInterface

That looks right.

First thing to do would be check your PHP log. Sitting on In Progress means the process hit some fatal error, probably in your Xml.php file. I’d check for syntax errors and the like too as a first step (you can run php -l on a file to have PHP check it for syntax errors on the command line).

Omeka 2.5 will make some of this error-hunting easier, but for the time being some of these errors can be very difficult to get at.

Thanks Joh…no error on php file:
uws145239usr:Generator melania$ php -l Xml.php
No syntax errors detected in Xml.php

Also no error on php log.

First of all…sorry John to spell your name wrong – ;(

I solved my problem, for any one who might looking for do do the same, my problem was, I have something like:
$currentSet = $currentItem->appendChild($domtree->createElement(‘ElementSet’,$setName)); ==> to create inside

It didn’t like it, and yet it didn’t throw any error for me. So what I have to do is to change it to:
$currentSet = $domtree->createElement(‘ElementSet’,$setName);
$currentSet = $currentItem->appendChild($currentSet);