Adding Vacbulary to ValueSuggest

How can I add an additional controlled vocabulary to ValueSuggest Module?
Is there a standard way for the vocabulary to expose contents for the module to search through in?

You’ll need to fork the GitHub repository, add a data type that extends ValueSuggest\DataType\AbstractDataType and implements ValueSuggest\DataType\DataTypeInterface, and add a suggester that implements ValueSuggest\Suggester\SuggesterInterface. Use the existing data types and suggesters as examples of how to correctly implement them. Don’t forget to add your new data types to module configuration. Then, one you’ve confirmed it works, submit a pull request on GitHub. Depending on applicability, we’ll merge your changes and make a new release. Of course, you could skip the pull request altogether and use your custom code just on your installation.

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Thanks so much for your answer and sorry to reply so late.