Adding text to Contribution page

Hi - I’d like to add some text to a public-facing Contributions page, basically helping contributors decide what “type” their contribution should be classified as. It would be the same text, regardless of the user or what they are contributing. Is there a relatively simple way to add this preliminary text?

Bump! We are also interested in a feature like this.

As a workaround, we created a “Contributor’s Guide” which lives in the menu but being able to display it directly on the contribution page would be useful!

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Hi, I’m also looking for a solution to this! In particular, I want to add a summary of our contribution terms and conditions directly below the “Contribute” button. There is a link to the full terms as well, but would prefer to be able to inform users without them needing to navigate off of the contribution page.

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This would be a nice feature to add in the admin.
It can be circumvented by adding the text in file:

Find the line

<?php echo $head['title']; ?>

and add the HTML text underneath.

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