Adding preexisting element to Item Type

Hi there. The Oral History Item Type comes with a preexisting element called Transcription, which I’ve been using for transcripts of interviews. I want to start including transcripts for some of our Text Item Types too and would like to use that same Transcription element. However, I can’t figure out how to make the Transcription element span multiple Item Types. It’s not available to add when editing the Item Type info for Text. Trying to create a new element with the same name generates an error. Can anyone help?

Editing the Text item type you can add an existing element by selecting it from the list. The Transcription element should be available on the list if it is already defined - please double check.

When I try to add an existing element to an Item Type, the only elements listed are the custom ones that I myself added. For example, I added a Storage Location field and that one pops up in the add-existing-element list. Any idea why the other elements aren’t showing up?

Never mind, figured out! A previous employee had installed the Hide Elements plugin and had configured it to hide most elements, for some reason. Live and learn!

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