Adding media from IIIF server: URL does not link to IIIF JSON

With Omeka S 1.0.1, I am adding a new item. I select the Base Resource template, Image class, and give it a name. I switch to the Media tab and select IIIF image under Add media.

I’ve tried two apparently-good IIIF JSON URLs: from the UI Digital Library, and from MIT (from another post on this topic). I then click Add.

In either case, I get an error: URL does not link to IIIF JSON. What is wrong with those JSON manifests, and how do I find the correct URL to use?

Thanks in advance,

The first URL doesn’t look to me like it’s IIIF data of any kind. The second is a IIIF presentation manifest, rather than IIIF image. A IIIF image URL should end in “info.json”. So, for example, one of the images in that manifest is which does work (though you get a bad thumbnail due to an error on the remote server’s part).

Thanks, @jflatnes! I think that gives me enough information to figure out the correct IIIF JSON URL for our server here.

It turns out that the UI Digital Library doesn’t have an obvious way to get the IIIF API URL from the browsing interface, but the developer gave me the secret incantation.

I’ve now run into a bug (which I’ll file in GitHub). Omeka S tries to download the default.jpg. If it’s too large, the server returns 403, but Omeka S blithely continues on anyway.

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please do tell the secret incantation. I need a clue