Adding Items and Metadata - Contribution by external people

Hello there,

I’m a research assistant in Belgium (Université Catholique de Louvain). My research group and I are working on a media observatory on the forest theme. We gather diverses types of data about the forest on collections and we want to create a community which will be able to contribute to the observatory.

In order to do that, I’m looking for a way for external people to add items and tags easily, without creating an account on Omeka. For example, by using a form to complete so the item and its metadatas will automatically go to the collection.

I read something about the plug in “tagging” but I saw that it allows to enter metadata only and not new items.

Do you know a plug in that would allow be to do this?

Thanks a lot, Olivia

Hello Olivia.
You might want to check these two plugins: Omeka Classic - Guest User and Omeka Classic - Contribution. I think they might serve your purpose.

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Amazing thank you! Contribution looks perfect, I’m gonna try this one :slight_smile: