Adding item sets to sites

I have a Site setup in Omeka S (Version 4.0.1) that I want to add 2700 manuscripts defined as item sets. These items sets will contain the pages for each manuscripts as items and the pages will have the media for a scan of each page. I have tested this structure and it works well.

However, I believe I need to add each item set (2700) to the site. I have only been able to add 997 item sets to the site. I am receiving no error messages from the application or from the database. In fact when I attempt to add item set number 998, I get a message that the resources for the site were successfully updated but when I check the item sets left to add, number 998 is still on the list of available item sets and the number of available item sets is not any lower.

Is there a restriction on the number of item sets I can add to a site? I have logging turned on and I am checking the application.log and the sql.log and both are empty. Should I be looking somewhere else for an error message?

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This is almost certainly going to be a problem with PHP’s max_input_vars php.ini setting.

Changing your max_input_vars in php.ini to be, for example, 3000, should resolve this.

You’re probably right. As I outline below, I directly loaded the data into the site_item_sets table and all is working fine. Unfortunately, I am not sure how easy it is for me to change this PHP value but if this happens again, I may have to find out.

When I wasn’t able to load the data through the Admin interface, I found that I could directly load the data into the site_item_set table in MySQL. I created a CSV file with the remaining item_sets from the Item_sets table, fixed it to include the site_id and the position value and loaded it into the site_item_sets table. All is working fine now. I’m sure the problem was as you outlined but I didn’t test that.

Thanks for the help. You can close this.


For others who may run into this problem. You definitely need to increase PHP’s max_input_vars. Although I was able to directly update the item sets on a site in the database, when I tried to add an item set through the admin side, I got the same behavior again. It didn’t add the item set and then showed me a bunch of item sets had not benn added that I had added directly to the database. Not only that, those item sets were deleted from the site_item_sets table in the database as well so I went back to having only 997 item sets in the site. This meant that on the web site, I only had 997 item sets as well. So it was definitely problematic not to increase max_input_vars. If I don’t add any items sets to a site through the admin interface, no change. But as soon as I do, I am limited to 1000 item sets, across all the web sites.


I was able to increase max_input_vars to 3000 and all is working well. Jflatnes was right.