Adding images to stories

My students have uploaded a lot of images from the local historical society. This semester, they will begin researching the people, places, and events of our town’s past. Many of the images that have already been added will be a great start. Is there a way to add an image to a story from another omeka item? Will they need to upload another copy? That seems like a poor use of server space. OR…would it be best to add the story to the image? My concern is that there may be times when individuals are only wanting to see the photo.


Hi @josephhhunter,

This sounds like it might be a Curatescape question. See link to Curatescape Forum below.

In a nutshell, Curatescape assumes that every item in your site will be given the item type “Curatescape Story” and will be constructed as a narrative-first object that contains files (as opposed to the typical Omeka approach of file(s)-first objects with item-level metadata). In the current version of Curatescape theme, each file has it’s own public URL with file metadata, etc (click on the title for the file from the story page), and users can refine their search queries to just search files, and there are also a number of theme options regarding default search functionality that may be useful. Typically, Curatescape sites use the file-level metadata to add additional interpretive texts and other information that enhances the files’ use in the story as well as adding information that allows the file to make sense on its own.

In any case, as with all Omeka sites, files uploaded to an individual item cannot be re-used without re-uploading them each time.