Adding custom provider to MindMap


Is it possible to add your own provider to the dropdown for the basemap provider (Mapping Module 1.5.0) and where could this be added?

I have tried to add the following to leaflet-providers.js:

		QDS: {
			url: '',
			options: {
				maxZoom: 19,

but I am not sure if that is the only place where I must add it, or if the reason why it is not showing up because I have not set up the code properly here?

Many thanks,


Yes, to add a basemap you’ll need add it to leaflet-providers.js. Although, you’ll need to change the URL into a template like so:{z}/{x}/{y}

You’ll also need to add the basemap provider to the Module::BASEMAP_PROVIDERS array in Module.php:

        'Wikimedia' => 'Wikimedia',
        'QDS' => 'QDS',

But are you sure you want this as a basemap and not an overlay? The module does not have WMTS capability yet, but it is something we’ve been looking into over the years. See this issue.

Thanks so much @jimsafley,
I will give this a try. I think that is something my team are struggling with, to find a place to serve the QDS overlay through WMS so that we could overlay it on top. We haven’t found a place where we can publish that overlay layer and then connect to Omeka S. But I will forward my GIS team the issue link.
Thanks so much,