Adding audio clips between text on simple page

I am using Omeka version 2.6.1 with HTML5 Editor plugin.

I wish to add audio clips between text (oral histories) using simple pages. After adding the audio clips (mp3) to Dropbox/files I then tried inserting the url (using the HTML editor and text box) into a space between lines of text and then saving. On viewing the page there is no audio player controls displayed. I have tried using the full https:// url, e.g https:// and variations of this but to no avail. The page does not appear to be saving the inserted code.

Any ideas please.

Have you checked the security settings for the site against the html you are using?

The Dropbox plugin is primarily meant to facilitate upload to items. Is there are reason you are not creating an item for this audio file (in which case you could use shortcodes)

Thanks for your swift response.
Checked security settings without solving problem so have decided to use items and arrived at a solution of sorts. I have ended up with a page with functioning audio player and a text area containing the clip transcription. For further clips I need to open another page. I was hoping to have one page with a text box containing the full transcription and audio player clips interposed between the paragraphs.
I have not learn’t how to produce a short code as yet for an audio player.

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