Adding an image to my Exhibit landing page

I recently built an Exhibit using the Exhibit builder in Omeka. I am using Thanks, Roy! (version 2.1.4) The exhibit is fine but the landing page, which was generated by the exhibit builder, not by my input, looks a little empty. I’d like to put an image there but I don’t see any way to add one (no file upload available for that page).

The URL for the exhibit is:
([Making Sense of Lou Crabtree)

One option would be to skip the summary page altogether and use the Introduction page of your exhibit as the beginning. You can do this by unchecking the “use summary page” box on the main page of the exhibit settings (where you enter the title, etc). When this box is unchecked, site visitors just go straight to the first page of the exhibit, rather than the intro page.

I checked and I don’t have that option. See screenshot of my Exhibit’s start page:

What version of Exhibit Builder are you running? You might need to update.

I am running 2.1.4. I downloaded 2.5 and up-loaded it to my Bluehost account earlier today using Filezilla. According to Filezilla 5678 files were successfully transferred and 0 files failed to transfer. I changed the db.ini to the recommended settings and made sure that the .htaccess files went into the Admin folder. When I went to the new URL: to install I get a message saying “Public site unavailable until the upgrade completes.” It looks like there is or will be a site there sooner or later (it isn’t a broken link), but I’ve never seen that message before. Does that sound right?

When you get that message, you need to go to /admin for your site and click the “Upgrade” button.