Adding a Panotour file/directory to Omeka

I have a faculty member who is using Panotour to create 360 degree tours of various churches in the area. Panotour creates virtual tours of spaces. After making the tour, you end up with a HTML5 file, and a directory with all the content the html file uses to display the tour of the church. Of course it is easy to add the HTML5 file to Omeka–but is it possible to add the directory with all the supporting content? And if so, where would it go on the server? It might be easier to host on another server and simply link to it, but it would be neat if it would work within Omeka.

If you use ArchiveRepertory, all the files attached to an item will be saved in a specific folder, so you will be able to select this folder to create the panotour.
To use another server is another issue: you can symlink your main folder “files” to something else, or mount the folder of the other server in the folder “files”.