Adding a line of code to display after search results

I have not been able to figure out where to put the code so that the results from the general search:[]=Item&record_types[]=File&record_types[]=Collection&submit_search=Search

will have the same link at the bottom about where to go if we don’t have it as the advanced search:[0][joiner]=and&advanced[0][element_id]=&advanced[0][type]=&advanced[0][terms]=&range=&collection=&type=&user=&tags=&public=&featured=&exhibit=&submit_search=Search+for+items

Sorry if this is basic, but I did spend quite a bit of time on trying to figure this out.

The file to change would be search/index.php in your theme. If it’s not in your theme, first copy it from application/views/scripts into your theme, then edit it.