Adding a download link to site page

I would like to insert a download link to one of my site pages. The link is for an excel spreadsheet, not linked to any particular item in the database. This is the page: Contribute · Test - LHE Archives · Legalhistemp

I have tried adding the excel spreadsheet as an ‘asset’, however this only seems to allows images (and to embed them on the page, rather than providing a download link?).

Any suggestions gratefully received!

Hello Rachel,

I see two straightfowards possibilities:
Either the Excel Spreadsheet can be or is already hosted somewhere else (a drive, another website, etc.) and in that case you just need to add the link to it on your page through an HTML block or some other kind that links to or shows exterior content.

Or you want to host it directly on your website. In this case you can add it to a folder in the omeka/files directory dedicated to such documents. However you will need direct server access to your Omeka installation. You might even be able to add it to the asset subdir. This subdir has different properties and if you don’t have full rights you cannot modify it. And it won’t appear in the asset list on admin unless you also add an entry for it in the database asset table). This way, you can find your document under a simple "

Maybe someone more acquainted with the different formats and how they can be managed can bring you another answer, but those are the two options I have in mind right now.

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Yeah that’s pretty much the shape of your options for files if you don’t want to upload them at all to an item.

We’ll consider extending the “assets” system… just uploading files attached to nothing in particular is what it’s for, but really all our uses for it currently deal with images, so it’s simpler for us and for users to limit to only allowing images. If we allowed more things, we’d need some filtering to show the proper kinds of files in the appropriate places.

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Thank you both for the very helpful replies!

Our hosting arrangement doesn’t allow easily access the server directories, so I’ll have another think about how I provide access to this information on the website.

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