Add two buttons, visitor presses one

My page asks the visitor to pick which of two images is communist, and which capitalist. I’d like the visitor to be able to press either of two buttons, one below each image.

How might I go about this? Is there a plugin I could use?

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That seems pretty specific; I doubt there’s an existing plugin that does this.

I could imagine a custom exhibit layout for something like this. The Javascript and HTML necessary to do what you want should be relatively simple, but since it’s somewhat specific, it’s something you’d have to implement yourself, or pay someone to do.

Is CSS an option, or only java and html?

Well you’re going to have some HTML no matter what, to display the images.

It’s possible there’s a pure-CSS solution to doing this, maybe using the :active state or something like that… but JavaScript is probably more straightforward.

I included my two buttons in HTML, and now I’d like to do two things:

  1. Customize the color of the button by filling in the background. The w3 code that I copied says this can be done through CSS, but not HTML. So I got the CSS Editor plugin. I pasted the CSS button code into the configuration window. But I have no clue how to import that code into the page where the button is. Or is that CSS inaccessible on Omeka, as CSS Editor only allows tweaking the Theme?

  2. I’m having difficulty connecting a link to each button, such that each leads to a different next page. Thank you!

Regarding 1. above:
I just visited the page with the buttons, and the buttons have indeed changed in response to the CSS code! That answers that question. But here is another:

  1. If I’d like to modify the theme, how do I download or otherwise access the CSS code for the Theme?

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