Add Title to All Map Markers


I am interested in replacing the label on map markers from “View item” to the value of a property, such as Title. I want to make this change to affect the markers for all items without editing each one.

Any tips?

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+1 from me. I’d think the title of the item is the obvious default value for the popup, not a “Click here” message. I think it’d be obvious from the change in cursor that clicking on the popup text gets you more info.

If not, put more text into that popup. Lots of maps use fairly long-ish text there.

Alternatively consider labels on hover for the title.

+1 from me on this for an Omeka S instance I am developing with hundreds of map items clustered tightly in heritage neighbourhoods of Mumbai, India where the map markers become less useful as guides to content navigation.

@jimsafley how can one change the default link in the Map Marker bubble to the item’s Title and maybe also add the Description text (or the field designated as Description in the Resource Template)?

Display of title, description and image attachment inside the pop-up bubble is default behaviour in the Omeka Classic Geolocation plugin map browser. This would be super useful functionality for the Omeka S Mapping module too.

I’ve added an issue on GitHub. Bear in mind that, unlike Classic’s Geolocation plugin, the Mapping module allows more than one marker per item, which complicates our assumptions about what should go into the popup. Item owners can already modify the individual marker’s label and thumbnail, so we have to consider that as we move forward. For now, you can fully customize the marker’s popup content in Mapping/view/common/block-layout/mapping-block.phtml

Thanks for your replies @Jim Safley.

I regret I misunderstood the difference when I made the post in this thread between adding a Map block to a site page and selecting the items – which allows one to choose what image and text goes into each marker bubble – and simply adding the default “Map Browse” in Navigation.

The latter doesn’t allow any configuration of the appearance of the map or markers at all, which was the context of this thread (not begun by me, sorry for my comment). It does however show all the geo-referenced items across one’s site item pool in a simple browser without having to manually add each item to the map, as in the Map block in the site Page editor.

It would be nice to be able to change the base map and default options for the label across all items in the map-browse page in Navigation, as has been recently done for the configurable base map in the Map block editor. Thanks!

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