Add New Item Form not visible

Hi I recently installed Omeka on my Ubuntu virtual machine. However I am not able to add new item. Add Collection and Item Type is working.

What version of Omeka are you trying to use?

Try following the “Display Error Messages” instructions from the manual, which should give you a little more information about what’s happening here.

The version of omeka is 2.4. I also configured to show error logs, but its not logging anything. When I inspect element in the browser. It returns error 500.

I debbuged the code and what causes the error is:

<?php echo __('The maximum file size is %s.', max_file_size()); ?>

in files-form.php, the max_file_size() function is missing.

My first suggestion would be to use the latest version of Omeka, in this case 2.6, especially since this is a recent install. This sounds like a bug that has been fixed since Omeka 2.4.

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