Add Multiple Media into Ingester

Hi !

I’m looking for a way to add multiple media files into an item with a media ingester module.
Is there a way to do that with the IngesterInterface in the method “ingest” ?
Or perhaps is it possible to access a lower level interface to access the future item that will be created ?

Thanks in advance for any clues or ideas that could be of interest here.

Xavier M

I keep searching a way to do the job.
I tried to access the item from the Media using the accessors of $media, which is in parameter of the Ingest method.
But apparently this is not the right solution. Indeed, it seems that the media is associated with the item after its creation … I don’t know where.
If you have just some informations about the media ingester process to share with me, it could help me a lot.

Xavier Muller

Can you shed some light on what you’re trying to do?

The ingesters usually get used through the API when creating an item or media resource, so you usually don’t interact with the ingester layer directly at all.

@jflatnes : I’m working with @XavierM and he will certainly give more details next week, but I can already explain what he’s trying to achieve. He tries to update FileSideLoad module so that, in addition to individual files, you can use it to add to the current item all the content of a directory rather than individual files.

We have a customized Dropbox plugin for omeka-classic that gives us this type of function :

Capture du 2018-04-20 17-14-01

So Xavier is currently trying to update SideLoad module to replicate that and for the moment he has only been able to add the latest file from the directory. The forked repository that contains what he has done so far is there :


I am currently looking for a way to ad many photos contained in one folder to an item, giving the adress of the folder as a metadata of my csv file.
Is this fork could do the job?
Thank you

You can currently do that with the FileSideload and CSVImport modules. If both are installed you can designate a column as filenames within the sideload files directory which will be loaded directly from the server.

Hello and thanks for your answer,
Yes, I saw that, my problem is that I have between 1 and 5 photos by item and I would like to give the adress of a Folder and not the adress of a file (1600 items and more each day…). Is there a way to give a folder adress to omeka?
Thanks for your reactivity and… patience

Are you saying you’d have a different subfolder for each item? Or that there’d be some other method to pick out the correct 1 to 5 files for each item from one big folder?

In fact, for each item corresponds one folder. In each Folder there are 1 to 5 photos.
Is it possible lo link one folder (and the photos contained in) to one item and omeka register that these photos belongs to this item, without giving the exact name of each photo? Just giving the url of the folder.
I don’t know if I am clear enough…
Thank you