Add multiple items to an item set and Export the Items set

I am having 2 questions, as I have been trying to solve them since yesterday but without success :

  1. I need to attach 3185 items to an item set
  2. I need then to export Omeka-s 's URIs of each of this item to add those URIs in a CSV file.

I can easily attach a few items to an item set but I need here to make it for multiple items.
I tried to add items since the page" item set" by choosing the item set, class and model but I get the error message : “CSRF: Value is required and can’t be empty”. I went to the glossary but did not find the meaning of CSRF?

Many thanks if you can help on those 2 issues !

You should be able to use the “batch edit” feature to add lots of items to a set at once.

The “CSRF” error is about a security feature to make sure you’re the one submitting a form… when there’s an error it can be caused by a few issues, not sure here what that would be but I’m not totally sure about what exactly you were doing when the error occurred.

Thanks for your answer. I used indeed ‘batch edit’ to select items and attach them to an item set.
Perhaps, this CSRF error message appeared because, I wrote in the field “Number of results per page” in the Settings page of the site: “3185”, number which corresponds to my items to gather under an item set.
I think the system did not really appreciate this “risky manipulation”.

I finally selected items per 100 to link them.

Thanks anyway for your reply.

There’s an “all” option for batch editing that will use a background job to process all the results of the current browse query: you can use that to process lots of items without having to set the page limit really high (or change it at all).

I believe the error you got stemmed from a PHP limit on the number of pieces of data that can be submitted in a single request. There’s a php.ini setting max_input_vars that sets this limit: it’s often 1,000 by default, so a response with over 3,000 filled checkboxes would pose an issue.