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Hi, I have successfully downloaded the Commenting plug-in, but can’t figure out how to add a commenting box to exhibit pages. How do I do that? I found these instructions:"To enable commenting on other record types from modules (e.g. SimplePages or ExhibitBuilder), you will have to add the following lines to the appropriate place in the plugin’s public view script:

<?php commenting_echo_comments(); ?> <?php commenting_echo_comment_form(); ?>"

Are those correct? If so, what commands do I type to get the “appropriate place in the plugin’s public view script?” More generally, what do I type to get to a plugins public view script at all? I am a graduate student in history TA’ing for a course using Omeka and I am struggling to find my way with no technical expertise (I have been following a number of guides to get this far). Thank you to whoever can provide me with a bit of guidance!

Those instructions look a little old. The only code you should need to add is

<?php CommentingPlugin::showComments(); ?>

The file(s) to add it to will vary a bit from theme to theme. Many themes do their own thing with ExhibitBuilder pages, so in the theme folder you will see something like exhibit-builder/exhibits/show.php that you can add the code to at the bottom of the page. If your theme doesn’t have that file, you’ll want to create the same folder structure, then copy from the plugin itself. In Exhibit Builder, find the views/public/exhibits/show.php file and copy it over. Then make the same addition.

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