Adapting Rights Statements module for other term lists

I am working on a project that sorts vocabulary terms from existing thesauri (AAT, wikidata, etc.) into shorter, more manageable lists (micro-thesauri) for easier cataloging.

I have used the Rights Statements module as the basis to adapt a new module to provide a dropdown list of terms with their URIs (see

In total I have 36 different drop-down lists, some with as few as 3 terms each. Rather than create a different module for each one, could I combine them all into 1 module? I’m not “formally trained” in PHP, so I thought I’d ask before I waste any time trying.

(In case you’re wondering, the Custom Vocab module isn’t sufficient for this, first because I’m trying to also attach URIs in one step, and second because I’m trying to create a package with an ontology, modules, and resource templates as a toolkit to get up and running more quickly.)

I don’t see why you couldn’t combine them. Are you still trying to have each as a separate choice for a template, or do you want them all combined so you just apply one and you get choices from all 3?

The first, where all three are available as separate choices, is the simplest: you can just put the three data type classes in the same module and reference them all from the config file and it should work just fine.

Yes, I want them as separate choices, so this is good to hear. Thank you! I’ll give it a try now.

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