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Hello. We’re migrating a lot of content to Omeka S and the default language consistently comes up as an accessibility issue on our testing, which is required for public-facing sites at our college. I was able to make the language to default to en-US since having a default is better than leaving it blank (in my initial research). I can go into individual theme folders and change the layout.phtml file to include ‘en-US’

$this->htmlElement('html')->setAttribute('lang', $this->lang('en-US'));

I’d really like to do this across our instance. Documentation says to edit the following file:

I don’t know enough about PHP to know what the echo syntax means in relation to other layout.phtml files. I tried to add ‘en-US’ to the code below (instead of the theme being used) but no luck:

<?php echo $this->htmlElement('html')->setAttribute('lang', $this->lang('en-US')); ?>

What am I doing wrong? TIA

The “application/view/layout/layout.phtml” file is only really used for the “global” public pages, like the “blue background” default index of sites.

It’s the individual themes’ layout.phtml files that get used on actual sites.

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Ok. Thanks for the clarification. I guess it’s a minor change for each theme once. Thanks!

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