Access for Hidden Items

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I am looking into something like public/private access for some items. We have some possibly sensitive materials that we want to hide from public view but at the same time we want to give access to those materials for our research counterparts. Is there a way to allow restricted access for some users to see hidden items without throwing them to the back-end?

I’ve seen RestrictedSite but I don’t think that’s what we’re aiming for.

Your comments and feedback are much appreciated!

Hello @n.a.utami

Marking items as private (toggling the eye-shaped icon) does hide them to unregistered visitors when you showcase them on sites. If your users are logged-in, they will be able to browse your sites and display both public and private items.

RestrictedSites is indeed more about displaying a public login page for full-private sites.

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Thanks for the reply Laurent!

With users log-in, doesn’t that take the users to the backend?

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In your site settings, you can choose to ‘Always’ display the user bar on public facing pages. It will show a log-in button to unregistered users, and the corresponding form does redirect to the site after a successful login. This way, users do not set a foot in the backend to log in BUT they will be shown links on the user bar that can send them there.

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