A template for catalogers

Hey, I apologize, I am sure the answer to my question is out somewhere, but I feel it will be more efficient if I ask you, dear colleagues.
I would like to hide most of the Dublin Core fields in the “Add item” template and leave only the ones that we use in our project. Also, ideally, I’d like to make the Description field window bigger by default (I know I can manually enlarge it in Chrome), since usually the text that we put there is pretty large.
Any other tips for creating a comfortable environment for the staff working on inputting the metadata in the database, i.e. cataloging the materials, will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Do you mean on the admin side? You can reorder the Dublin Core fields (this will change on both the admin and public views) to bring those properties you are using to the top.

The screencast Managing Metadata in Omeka Classic might be of interest?

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