404 Not Found at Neatline default page

Omeka 2.5.1installed locally using MAMP on MacOS and running fine. Installed Neatline 2.6.0, configured with Google Maps API, all good. Neatline menu item is now in the site navigation and the Dashboard navigation. Under Appearance > Navigation, Neatline box is ticked, and URL is set, by default, to /neatline

But going to either /neatline or /admin/neatline produces “404 Page Not Found.”

Can’t find any other settings to change…

Thanks for any light you can shed.

Hi @whatthedickens,

A couple of questions for starters:

  • Do you have any neatline exhibits created?
  • What other plugins do you have installed?
  • Is it fair to assume that other paths on that local Omeka site all resolve as expected?



Hi Jamie,

Thanks for responding!

No Neatline exhibits created. If I’ve read the documentation right, I create my first exhibit by clicking the Neatline button in the dashboard and then clicking “Create an Exhibit.” But clicking the Neatline button just produces “404 Page Not Found” at path /admin/neatline. I’m assuming I create the Exhibit from here, not from “Exhibits” in the Dashboard navigation. I only seem to be able to create a regular Omeka exhibit from “Exhibits.” I see nothing there about Neatline.

Other plugins installed: Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages

All other paths do resolve as expected.

Cheers - and thanks again!

What’s the name of the folder (right under the plugins folder) that you installed Neatline as? If it’s anything other than exactly “Neatline” you can have problems like this.

Thanks, @jflatnes! That did it. I’d followed the Installing Neatline instructions literally, moving the .zip file into plugins and unzipping it produce Neatline-2.6.0. The instructions do say “move the Neatline folder…” but might usefully include the instruction to rename after unzipping?

Anyway - thanks again! All good!


Glad to hear it.

You didn’t really do anything wrong here. It’s not strictly for me to say, but I’d consider that a bug in the way version 2.6.0 of Neatline was packaged. Generally the idea with Omeka plugins, and as far as I know with previous Neatline versions, is to have it unzip with the correct folder name already.

Mea Culpa – I made the 2.6.0 release – I can make a patch release to correct this if Scholars’ Lab folks would like (@jeremyboggs, @rondagrizzle?)

It’s also possible to just re-package the same release and replace it on the addons directory since there’s no code changing.

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