3D objects .obj file format unable to view with OMEKA

Hi everyone,
I have uploaded in my items list the .obj files of the 3D objects but cannot be viewed, although they are in the list of items. I believe UniversalViewer would automatically visualise the 3D object at the item icon. Is that the case or am I missing another plugin to configure under plugins?

Thank you for your help

Did you hear anything from the Omeka team on this matter? Or did you by any chance resolve it yourself?


Hi Henrik, I have not received any reply. I uploaded the .obj files and I took a screenshot and I can only show the .jpeg of the 3D object. Would you have any recommendation?



I’m pretty new to Omeka and I’m trying to get my head around the possibilities and limitations of the system. I spent some time reading the docs and the forum this morning and this is my conclusion on 3D support: When using the Universal Viewer 3D models are managed by three.js (https://threejs.org) meaning you will have to convert your 3D models to that “format”.


Thanks Henrik.
That is right

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